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Draft Recap | April 24, 2010

P.D.B.S.L. is taking the weekend off the focus of politics to discuss sports.

The NFL draft, considered by some to be a very talented class, concluded today with 255 players being taken by 32 teams. Like every year, there is always surprises. None might be bigger than this year:

A quarterbacks draft Make that a defensive lineman draft

Only four quarterbacks were taken in the first four rounds; Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmyy Clausen and Colt McCoy. 32 defensive linemen were taken in the first four rounds. A much higher ratio of defensive linemen to quarterbacks taken than in recent years.


You be the judge and tell me what is more surprising, Jimmy Clasuen dropping 48th to the Panthers or the Broncos trading their 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks to the Ravens for Tim Tebow. Clausen was projected as going top 10, preferably to the Bills in many different mock drafts. An article yesterday written by Gene Wojciechowski explains the possible effect Ben Roethlisberger left teams feeling. For the record, P.D.B.S.L. believes Tebow will be a minimum two time pro bowler in his career, but was it worth it for the Broncos to give so much away for Tebow?


The Jaguars had the 10th pick and they chose Tyson Aluala from California. While many thought they would take Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech or Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida, the Jags surprised many.


The reason this is on the surprise list is because owner Al Davis actually took a player projected in the top 15! After last year’s shocker, the Raiders played it safe this year. Truly a surprising move.


Panthers; With Jimmy Clausen falling so late, the Panthers snagged him at a good price. They now have a potential franchise quarterback at a bargain price.

Ravens; trading the Broncos for a 2nd, 3rd and fourth round picks was a huge lift. They got Sergio Kindle from Texas and Terrence Cody, the mammoth, from Alabama.


Vikings; they traded a first round pick to a division team, Detroit. Instead of getting Patrick Robinson in the first round, they got a corner in the second round and also Toby Geirhart from Stanford. Geirhart won’t be a good matchup with Adrian Peterson, because Geirhart won’t be able to catch the ball out of the backfield on third down.

Redskins; They didn’t have a second or third round draft pick and they couldn’t deal disgruntled Albert Haynesworth. Now their hopes for the future rests on a 33 year old quarterback. Good luck.


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